Crystals as meditation and healing tools

crystalsI often use crystals in my meditation classes, reiki treatments and even as homeopathic remedies so I thought it was time to write a bit about why and how I use them.

I see Crystals as more than just rocks that are pretty and decorative but as unique pieces of Mother Earth that each contain their own healing energy that they are just waiting to share with us. It is as if each one has a gift that they are just waiting to share with us.

Crystals are composed of mineral compounds – many of which are similar or the same as homeopathic remedies. For example: Fluorite is the compound Calc-Fluor – which is both a tissue salt and a homeopathic remedy used for bone and tissue health (amongst other things). The crystal has similar properties as well as a wider range of properties when used as a spiritual healing tool – it is also a crystal that is often attributed to helping to heal or balance various chakras (energy centres in the body) dependent on the colour – for example the dark blue colour can be used to increase intuitive abilities and has an affinity with the Third Eye chakra, while Green Fluorite has an affinity with the heart chakra. Follow this link for more detail or get yourself a good crystal healing reference book such as Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gienger or  The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.

crystal healingAs a reiki or meditation tool

Crystals make good meditation or healing treatment tools by holding them or placing them on the body. I find that their energy field can help to calm or balance the body and mind. Some crystals such as Black tourmaline can also be used to absorb negative or draining energies when held in the hands. Some people find they are attracted to particular crystals to wear or use in meditation and often that is because they need the healing energy or properties contained in the crystal.

As Homeopathic Remedies

Peter Tumminello, a Sydney Homeopath has developed a number of homeopathic remedies that are made from crystals and gems and has written about them in his volume “Twelve Jewels”. He is working on expanding the literature on homeopathic remedies made from crystals. Having trained with him I also use these remedies regularly in my practice and find them invaluable additions to the homeopathic repertoire of remedies.

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