Your Inner Goddess is Ready To Awaken

For 2018 one of my intentions is to be more visible and to SHINE as the Inner Goddess emerges from her cocoon.. some of you will have seen that I am holding a retreat in March called Awakening the Inner Goddess in March – so my practice has been for me to be more aware of her in my life and to recognise that beauty, strength and power more than I have in the past.

So what are the signs of the Inner Goddess in your life and how do you recognise her? These are just a few of the points that I have seen her show up in my life

  • the Inner Goddess knows the answer to my problems – that voice in the back of my head or that gut feeling about a situation or a problem – that is her whispering
  • The inner goddess knows what is good for my body and mind – she loves the food that makes my heart sing and knows when i need to sit and meditate or get up and dance! When i commit to letting her shine she does these things automatically making time for them instead of sitting scrolling on social media or watching mindless hours of TV
  • My Inner Goddess also has no fear or anxiety – she knows what I need to be doing to have an enriched and fulfilling life and she knows how to do it without hesitation. She also knows when I need help on a practical level and is not scared to ask for it. She loves to have a team to work with who empower each other to allow visions to become reality.
  • My Inner Goddess loves me unconditionally – she is the counter to my self-critical inner voice. She loves every curve and wobble, scar and blemish on my body and soul.

If you would like to connect more with your Inner Goddess please check out my workshops and retreat page or contact me below and I will respond as soon as I can

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