canstockphoto28124866Have you always wanted to learn to meditate but never known how?

Or maybe you have tried some at home but would like some guidance and support?

I am here to help – I run groups and also offer one to one coaching, as well as workshops and retreats which are held regularly through the year. For more information on these check out the posts to the right or sign up to my email newsletter on the front page. I also have a CD available here.

Meditation groups

I run regular meditation groups as well as women’s circles.

The word meditation comes from the Latin word meditate – to think over, contemplate and is also closely related to the word mederi – to heal. So meditation is using the power of our thoughts to heal. By harnessing the energy of our mind and our thoughts we can create a state of health and well being on all levels: mind body and spirit.The groups focus on a different spiritual topic or technique of meditation each week – there is time for discussion and then a meditation which last from about 20-30 mins.

They take place weekly at the following times and are held in East Maitland:

Weds at 7pm – returning to face to face class from weds Oct 14th. Cost $15. 

Monday lunchtime at noon – cost $15  – face to face

Bookings in advance are required for both classes as numbers are strictly limited due to covid-19.

Contact me on 0466525404 to secure your place.

New Beginners Class – Tuesdays at 7pm for 4 weeks – classes cost $95 for 4 week block. Next class will be announced on my facebook page.

Learn basic techniques of mindfulness, breathwork, creative visualisation and relaxation.  BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL.

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Do you want to learn to meditate but don’t want to join a group or feel more comfortable with a one to one approach?
If so meditation coaching is for you.

  •   Why do I need to Meditate?

You may be experiencing a stressful time on your life. Or feel you need to improve concentration and  focus for your work or study.

You may just find it hard to wind down and take some time for yourself. Meditation gives you all the space and time you need and you have all that you need to meditate inside you.

People spend a lot of time and money on gyms and personal training to get their bodies healthy but are more reluctant to spend the same time and effort on their mind and spirit. Yet without paying this attention to myself on the inside the outside will never truly be healthy. How we are on the outside reflects what we think and feel about ourselves on the inside.

  • Meditation coaching – how it can benefit you.

Whether you have meditated before or are just starting out, having someone there can help  to:

Teach some techniques to get you started

Help you create a space to meditate.

Guide you through the process of becoming more centred and at peace with your mind

Motivate you on you personal journey and help you to reach a vision of what you want meditation to do for you

Be a sounding board to help you deal with obstacles or difficulties in concentrating or stilling the mind.