Women’s Health and Fertility


Homeopathy for Women’s health and fertility

Women’s well-being is a main passion of mine – especially in the area of menstrual health. Helping women to be more in touch with the rhythms of their cycles and bodies is one of the areas of my work that I find the most rewarding. Women’s health problems such as PCOS, PMS and Endometriosis  can be greatly supported with the use of homeopathic medicines – symptoms such as mood swings, irregular cycles, painful periods and heavy bleeding can all be greatly reduced. Meditation and Reiki can also be used to reduce and help with the stress and  emotional side of PMS and infertility.

Fertility – a natural approach

In 2014 I attended a training course with homeopathy fertility specialist Liz Lalor – whose fertility programme has a high success rate within 4 cycles. Immediately after taking the course a client who was wanting to conceive showed up at my practice – she went from not ovulating to conceiving within 3 cycles. This experience has encouraged me to nurture this side of my practice as there is nothing more rewarding that helping couples to bring new life into the world. I find that the natural approach is more appealing to a lot of women, enabling them to feel more in tune with their own bodies and that they experience less side effects.

What is involved

Fertility has many factors, physically and emotionally so the programme takes a multi-pronged approach. It isn’t something that has a ‘quick fix’. For this reason a consultation is the first step –  so that I can gather the information required about you and your partner’s health history as well as your ovulation and menstrual symptoms. This allows me to individualise a fertility program with a series of 4 or 5 homeopathic remedies to be taken by the woman daily, weekly and in the lead up to ovulation. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances, are easy to take and the risk of side effects is minimal. Nutritional and dietary support may also be needed on an case by case basis.

The programme is designed to support the female body to produce the fertile conditions necessary for conception. The male partner is usually prescribed a homeopathic remedy and supplements to improve his sperm health. A follow up appointment is recommended every 4-6 weeks. I also recommend that you stick to the programme for at least 4 months to see the results, though many do see results sooner.

The programme is suitable for couples dealing with unexplained infertility, irregular cycles, no cycles, PCOS, endometrosis, blocked tubes, poor egg quality and poor sperm health. The programme is not suitable for women with no viable eggs or for men who do not produce any sperm (azoospermia).

The programme can also be used as preparation for IVF and clinical experience has shown this to improve the IVF success rate with the majority of couples conceiving on their first or second attempt (for best results it is recommended that couples do two cycles on the program prior to undergoing IVF).

I also combine Reiki and guided meditations with the programme as needed – these can help to enhance the effects of the remedies and help you to feel more connected and in tune with your body, reducing stress and creating the optimal emotional and mental state to conceive.

I also encourage women to get in touch with the rhythms of their bodies by practising more awareness around menstruation and am an affiliate for red school programmes for more information click below.


Post conception support

I can also provide support for pregnancy, breastfeeding and post-natal issues as needed. Childbirth remedy kits are also available.