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Hysterectomy – a personal experience

Hysterectomy – the idea of having a hysterectomy was first raised with me when I was in my twenties. Menarche happened for me at the age of 9. I had no idea what was happening to me. My mum told my dad when he got home from work and he said to me “Louise, you are a woman now!”

I had no idea what this meant – and the words made me fearful and anxious as well as ashamed. In my teens I often fainted from pain around my period, had floods and clots of blood that just flowed off the edges of the surfboard, wingless pads that I used and ended up on my school skirt… Laughter and giggles followed me as I walked down the aisle of the school bus. I hated my periods. And as the years passed, they didn’t get easier. I went to herbalists and homeopaths and eventually surgeons. Laparoscopies, hormone treatments, foul tasting herbs, all helped a bit but not that much. When hysterectomy was raised as a subject it was refused as an option as it was suggested I may change my mind about having kids one day and 30 was too young. I accepted this somewhat reluctantly, mainly because the implication was that the doctors knew my body and mind better than I did! I kept trying different natural remedies and found some relief in a combination of homeopathy and acupuncture. But when I entered my late thirties, things worsened again. This time a fibroid was discovered and over the course of 5-6 years I threw all my efforts and energies into improving my symptoms. It was exhausting, expensive and very time-consuming. I saw a professional nearly every week and at this time when it started, I was studying homeopathy so not earning a huge amount.

In 2012 I attended a women’s circle in Sydney that led me to the School of Shamanic Womancraft. I found out about women’s mystery schools and teachings around the sacredness of menstruation. While this helped on some levels, on another I held some shame around my decisions and experiences, firstly not to have children and secondly the hatred I had within me around my own menstruation experiences. I desperately wanted to heal but it felt like an uphill battle. I ended up on a vision quest experience with about 10 other women, 3 days of which were on my own in the Australian bush. The flies were incessant; it was hot and windy. I went through so many emotions as I sat there on my own on this land that felt foreign to me and in a body that I felt had betrayed me on so many levels. On the 3rd night we drummed, and I sat and waited for my visionary experience. I cried. I slept, I tossed and turned, and I cried out for my vision. I wanted to know the key to healing my now grapefruit sized fibroid that was putting pressure on my back and bladder. Nothing happened until I gave up… and a voice whispered in my ear – “surrender to the surgery. There is no shame in this. You have done your best. Trust this”. I have had many visionary experiences and at this moment I saw in my mind a small Indian woman (I have Indian ancestry) and she nodded at me. I felt like I was giving permission to ask for and do what felt right to me. 

As I completed my course, I realised that my gift was to share this vision with the many women who had experienced hysterectomy and felt incomplete, shamed, less of a woman or just disconnected from their bodies from the experience. And I knew that I had so much to take with me on the surgical journey – I could use all the tools I had learnt on my course into the doctor’s office and hospital. Over the next few months I went through a massive process of going through the public health system and meeting a gynaecologist who was more understanding and gave me more time than any other, asking for my womb to be buried and after being told it was medical waste; eventually receiving it and giving back to the earth in a beautiful ceremony which not only helped me to feel more connected to my body than ever but also to this adopted country of mine that I now call home.  Such a ritual can be replicated and performed for women who haven’t got their physical womb in many ways and I am feeling called to offer this to women now, no matter how long ago your surgery was performed.

The decision to have a hysterectomy was not one I took lightly or made easily. It is a major surgery and not right for every woman with menstrual difficulties or fibroids. Indeed, as a homeopath, I have since helped many women to heal their fibroids naturally. However, for many the decision must be made, and so to release and remove so much shame and emotional pain from that experience, I tell my story. Since this surgery I have opened up to so much more healing, traumas and pain that I feel were held in that grapefruit sized fibroid, which while I was in so much physical suffering, I had no energy to explore and deal with. So, while it wasn’t an easy decision or experience, I have been able to blossom and grow so much more from it. 

Homeopathy for smoke inhalation from bush fires

The poor air quality we are experiencing in NSW from the bush fires right now can be helped with the use of certain homeopathic remedies. It is best not to combine them but to use the one that best suits your symptoms so I have listed a few below.  I am available for consultations for this condition, but those of you with a homeopathic first aid kit may find you have some of these remedies already. If you have pre-existing medical conditions aggravated by the air quality always seek advice from an experienced practitioner before taking any of these remedies.

Arsenicum  – For smoke exposure with anxiety. Eyes burn and stream. Nose burns and streams. Cough is dry and worse at night. Tremendous anxiety especially about what is going to happen—and restlessness.

Bryonia  – Soreness in larynx and trachea. Hoarseness, Worse in open air. Dry, hacking cough from irritation in upper trachea. Cough, dry at night, must sit up. Worse after eating or drinking. Frequent desire to take long breath; must expand lungs. Difficult, quick respiration. Heaviness beneath the sternum extending towards the right shoulder. Worse going into warm room.

Calcera carbonica  – Tickling cough, troublesome at night. Painless hoarseness; worse in the morning. Suffocating spells; tightness, burning and soreness in chest. Chest sensitive to touch or pressure. Longing for fresh air.

Carbo Vegetabilis  -Wheezing, cough with burning in chest. Short of breath. Oxygen starvation. Must be fanned. Hoarseness. Cough with itching in larynx. Sore and raw chest. Rattling of mucus in chest. Exhausted, weak. Cold clammy skin, cold breath. Better: cool air. Worse: evenings, open air, warm damp weather.

Causticum – Hoarseness with pain in chest. Larynx sore. Cough with raw soreness of chest. Cough with pain in hip. Better drinking cold water. Pain in chest with palpitation. Cannot lie down at night.

Euphrasia – For simple smoke exposure with irritation to eyes and possibly nose and no other symptoms. Eyes stream and burn—lids are red, swollen, and sensitive. Nose streams but does not burn. There may be a little daytime cough. The eyes stream on coughing.

Natrum arsenicum  – Great sensitivity to smoke. Useful when the indicated remedies haven’t helped much or at all. Eyes dry and painful. They stream and smart on going out into the smoky air. Sinuses feel blocked and are painful. Racking cough. Lungs feel full of smoke. Headache from the smoke.

Silica  – To help the body eject inhaled particles. Nose dry and blocked—no sense of smell or taste. Sinuses stuffed up and painful. Dry, irritating cough from inhaled particles. With lumpy, yellow mucus.


Intuitive Healing – Discovering my Inner Strength

As I move into my 6th year working  full time as a homeopath and healer the more I am learning that my strength in healing is based on Intuition. Intuition meaning that voice that tells me what a person needs or needs to do in order to heal. That voice  – many ask where does it come from? I think sometimes it comes from my higher self and sometimes from Guidance from Spirit and spirit guides.. I just know that when I listen to it magic happens, whether with the homeopathic remedies or with a reiki session.
The best results I have as a homeopath and as an energy healer come when I just trust my sense of knowing what is right for the client instead of spending a lot of energy with my head trying to work things out. It’s a balance of listening to what their body and energy field are telling me and what my guidance and inner voice are telling me.
One example of this is last week when my cat was sick with a UTI. All my homeopathy text books were telling me a select few remedies, so I tried them and there was some limited success, but my gut was to try a remedy that isn’t on those lists (although it is indicated for her condition just not as commonly successful) – when I trusted my gut and gave her that remedy she started feeling better straightaway – within minutes. (please note I did also take her to the Vet!) I have many examples of this kind of experience – but if I try and explain why one remedy or technique works for a client there isn’t always a logical explanation.
The more I trust these knowings, these intuitive senses.. the better things in life flow. This isn’t restricted to my healing business but to everything in life. So if you are the kind of person who wants to work with your health with a practitioner who works in this way – Give me a call!
If you are ready and willing to let go of the thoughts of the head and trust the heart and the Universal Life Force that I believe this intuited knowledge comes from then step into that knowing, I will soon be offering workshops and courses on Intuition and helping others to get in touch with that Sixth sense to use it in healing for the self and others. While this has always been a part of my workshops it will be more the focus of them.

For consultations and enquiries about workshops and courses contact me on 0466525404 or

Your Inner Goddess is Ready To Awaken

For 2018 one of my intentions is to be more visible and to SHINE as the Inner Goddess emerges from her cocoon.. some of you will have seen that I am holding a retreat in March called Awakening the Inner Goddess in March – so my practice has been for me to be more aware of her in my life and to recognise that beauty, strength and power more than I have in the past.

So what are the signs of the Inner Goddess in your life and how do you recognise her? These are just a few of the points that I have seen her show up in my life

  • the Inner Goddess knows the answer to my problems – that voice in the back of my head or that gut feeling about a situation or a problem – that is her whispering
  • The inner goddess knows what is good for my body and mind – she loves the food that makes my heart sing and knows when i need to sit and meditate or get up and dance! When i commit to letting her shine she does these things automatically making time for them instead of sitting scrolling on social media or watching mindless hours of TV
  • My Inner Goddess also has no fear or anxiety – she knows what I need to be doing to have an enriched and fulfilling life and she knows how to do it without hesitation. She also knows when I need help on a practical level and is not scared to ask for it. She loves to have a team to work with who empower each other to allow visions to become reality.
  • My Inner Goddess loves me unconditionally – she is the counter to my self-critical inner voice. She loves every curve and wobble, scar and blemish on my body and soul.

If you would like to connect more with your Inner Goddess please check out my workshops and retreat page or contact me below and I will respond as soon as I can

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Make your own Shamanic Drum!

Shamanic Drum Making Workshop – April 2-3

drum 21

Make your own shamanic drum. Connect with your creative process and use the art of making a drum to learn and transform your inner processes when faced with creative challenges. An in-depth and transformative process unlike any other workshop I have run. Shamanic journeying and meditations are part of this workshop process – as well as you go home with your own drum!

Date: April 2-3

Cost: $360 – includes all materials, a healthy lunch and morning and afternoon tea both days. Non-residential – however camping may be possible for an additional cost. (dinner and breakfast not provided)

Deposit of $200 to cover cost of materials is needed to secure your place. No deposit refunds are possible due to these costs.

Location: The Yoga Hut, Salt Ash.

For more details contact me: 0466 525404

Or Book Online here

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Reiki 1 workshop in July, research into effects of Reiki


My next Reiki 1 workshop is coming up on Sunday July 18th. If you have been thinking about learning Reiki for a while why not do so now! My workshops are small and intimate, a workbook, lunch and refreshments are all provided – all you have to do is show up!

Sometimes people ask me how Reiki works or what it does. A number of research projects have shown that it can help to relieve pain, anxiety and depression. These are small studies but the results are encouraging. For more information details of the studies can be found at

Participants in my workshops have reported feeling uplifted, relaxed and calm and that their life feels easier and happier after attending.

*Book now to receive the early bird discount and pay $100 instead of $125 – valid until Monday July 6th*

Bookings are available online here

Children’s meditation – still spaces left

Hi everyone

Just a reminder that there are still spaces left for Children’s meditation on Sunday May 17th.

Meditation has numerous benefits for children – it helps reduce stressstrengthens the immune system, can improve relationships at home & at school , decreases aggressiveness and anxieties, improves behavior and attitude, improves focus, memory & concentration and promotes inner peace.

Kids’ meditation has also proven effective in helping kids release negative thoughts and behaviors and in building self-confidence. We all want our children to be stress free. Mindfulness and meditation are fantastic tools that kids can learn at an early age which will help them throughout their lives.

So come and join us – more information here:

Women’s Circle this Thursday and next Reiki workshop on Saturday June 6th


Hi everyone

Just a reminder that it is Women’s circle this Thursday night – at 6.30pm. It was an intense Full Moon in Scorpio this month and we will be working with releasing old stuck energy on the night. I hope you can join us – contact me for bookings or more details.

Also there is another Reiki 1 workshop coming up on Saturday June 6th and the early bird of $100 is available until May 18th so book in now to avoid disappointment!

You can book online here

Meditation for Children is back!!!

I am so happy to announce that meditation for children is back after a few months break! This time they will be at Vitality Junction in Newcastle. I am holding 4 sessions over 8 weeks and if you book for all 4 ahead of time you get a discount. We will be doing a different meditation each week – details are on the flyer below. children meditation flyer2 Bookings are available online click on the red button below Or contact me for more details.   Buy_Ticket_Button_Red