Intuitive Healing – Discovering my Inner Strength

As I move into my 6th year working  full time as a homeopath and healer the more I am learning that my strength in healing is based on Intuition. Intuition meaning that voice that tells me what a person needs or needs to do in order to heal. That voice  – many ask where does it come from? I think sometimes it comes from my higher self and sometimes from Guidance from Spirit and spirit guides.. I just know that when I listen to it magic happens, whether with the homeopathic remedies or with a reiki session.
The best results I have as a homeopath and as an energy healer come when I just trust my sense of knowing what is right for the client instead of spending a lot of energy with my head trying to work things out. It’s a balance of listening to what their body and energy field are telling me and what my guidance and inner voice are telling me.
One example of this is last week when my cat was sick with a UTI. All my homeopathy text books were telling me a select few remedies, so I tried them and there was some limited success, but my gut was to try a remedy that isn’t on those lists (although it is indicated for her condition just not as commonly successful) – when I trusted my gut and gave her that remedy she started feeling better straightaway – within minutes. (please note I did also take her to the Vet!) I have many examples of this kind of experience – but if I try and explain why one remedy or technique works for a client there isn’t always a logical explanation.
The more I trust these knowings, these intuitive senses.. the better things in life flow. This isn’t restricted to my healing business but to everything in life. So if you are the kind of person who wants to work with your health with a practitioner who works in this way – Give me a call!
If you are ready and willing to let go of the thoughts of the head and trust the heart and the Universal Life Force that I believe this intuited knowledge comes from then step into that knowing, I will soon be offering workshops and courses on Intuition and helping others to get in touch with that Sixth sense to use it in healing for the self and others. While this has always been a part of my workshops it will be more the focus of them.

For consultations and enquiries about workshops and courses contact me on 0466525404 or