Intuitive Reiki, Sekhem and Crystal Healing

As a Reiki and Sekhem Master I use the universal energy of Reiki and Sekhem as the main part of my energy healing sessions. Sessions can also include Inner Child healings and specific crystal layouts depending on the need of the client.  Sessions include some discussion about what has brought you to me and we work together to ascertain what kind of a session would suit your needs best.

Available healings include: chakra balancing, soul retrievals, crystal healings, shamanic medicine journeys, or just straight Reiki healing!

60 minute and 90 minute sessions are available – a 90 minute session may also include a card reading and some informal counselling around any emotional issues you are currently facing. 

I work intuitively and sometimes utilise shamanic journeys as part of the healing sessions to access information about the physical body or the needs of the spirit to enable healing to occur.

I am also trained in trauma informed care and take into account individual’s sensitivities and have deep respect for boundaries when working with people with abuse and trauma histories.

It is of utmost importance to me that we work together to create a space where you feel safe in order to heal and transform with my guidance and support.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing which enables the receiver to experience great relaxation and both physical and spiritual benefits.

It is a laying-on hands healing art that uses creative life energy essential to all living things.

People, animals, plants, even places and things can successfully be infused with Reiki and the effects are balancing, harmonizing and healing.

What is Sekhem?

Sekhem energy is similar to Reiki – it’s origins are Egyptian and the modality was rediscovered by Patrick Ziegler in the pyramids of Giza. As a channel of the Sekhem energy it feels to me like a more feminine energy which resonates with the energies of the Goddess and of each of the chakras. There is a definite shift in energy when I connect with Sekhem – it is powerful and deeply energising.

Energy healing helps to create a great sense of harmony within oneself physically and emotionally, so true healing can take place. It is a very safe healing method with many different beneficial effects like relaxation and feelings of peace, security and overall wellbeing.

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Reiki workshops

I also offer attunements and  teaching in all 3 levels of Reiki from 1 to Master levels. Dates will be listed on the workshop page of my site and/or on my Facebook page.

Why be attuned or learn Reiki?

Once you have been attuned to Reiki a shift occurs in you on an energetic level – this may manifest in a variety of ways. Some people report changes in their emotions and mood, some make big changes in their lives such as dietary changes or changing careers.

The different levels of Reiki

Level 1 Reiki initiates you into the Reiki energy field. You learn what energy healing is, how to sense energy and the history of Reiki. You can use Reiki 1 on yourself and friends and family. You make a commitment to being open to the experience of Reiki when receiving the attunement.

Level 2 Reiki attunement initiates you to the symbols of Reiki and enables you to become a Reiki healer. You are open to honoring and sharing the Reiki energy with permission from others and this is the practitioner level.

Level 3 is the Master attunement – you commit to living in the Reiki energy always. You can teach Reiki as a Reiki Master.