Shamanic Womancraft healing sessions

In shamanic womancraft we explore issues you may have as a woman, in your emotional, spiritual or physical areas of your life. The sessions help you to connect with your body, the cycles in nature and your inbuilt spiritual guidance system, enabling  to access hidden parts of you to enable healing to take place.

Shamanic womancraft healing can help with issues around menstruation, menopause and hormonal issues, as well as dealing with the effects of surgery such as  endometriosis ablation or hysterectomy. You learn ways to connect with and listen to your own body and its innate intelligence.

Shamanic womancraft sessions are available as individual session or in blocks of 4 sessions, one session a week for 4 weeks – these blocks of sessions can help with accessing the information about your cycles – with menstrual cycles, the moon cycles, or both.

For bookings use the contact me form or call me on 0466 525404. You can also book online here