Love your Body, Love yourself Workshop

Do you struggle with your weight or body image? Do you think of yourself as beautiful?

I want to share my personal experience here. I had a history of dieting; since my early teens I was counting calories and always thought I was fat (even when I wasn’t). Each time I lost weight I would invariably put it back on and then with some extra! Then in 2011 I was studying Reiki and things were starting to change. I started to realise that my weight wasn’t about what I was putting in my mouth; it was about what I was putting in my mind.

Around that time I was on a retreat and I said out loud in a group – “I think I am ugly”. There – i had said it – and it was as if by verbalising that belief I suddenly realised I could change it. I was surrounded and supported by an energy (reiki) and people (other reiki practitioners) who thought I was beautiful. And who am I to disagree!? As soon as I started to believe that I am and was and always will be beautiful I was able to stick to eating what I knew I deserved. Good, nourishing, healthy food that sustained and supported my soul and body. I didnt need someone else to tell me what was good for me, deep in my heart I knew.

Over the following six months or so I shed about 15 kilos, with another five or so leaving me in the following year, until I am now at a healthy weight for my size. I no longer need to eat to fill that space in me that feels empty and ugly.

So in this workshop I will be guiding you to that place where you can say “I am beautiful” and meet that beautiful you.

Join me! More details are in the flyer below. You can book online here, or in person at Love N’ Light East Maitland.

Or call me for more details on 0466 525404.