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Meditation for Beginners – 5 week introductory course


Join me for a five week course introducing you to meditation and spirituality. Different techniques will be taught each week.

Topics covered will include: Breath awareness, mindfulness, the chakras, crystals in meditation, visualisation, chanting.


Classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditators

Meditation has a number of health benefits including:

  • Decreased blood pressure and hypertension and lowering cholesterol levels
  • Reduced production of “stress hormones,”
  • Improved immune function
  • Decreased anxiety, depression, and insomnia


Facilitated by Louise Kanjee—Louise has been meditating for nearly 20 years and has experience in a variety of traditions. She is also a Reiki Master and Homeopath and is passionate about facilitating people to change their lives through meditation.


Where and when: Saturdays  at 2pm for five weeks from May 31st. 

Bookings are available online by clicking here

Cost: $60 for five 90 minute sessions

Where: Love N’ Light, Lawes St, East Maitland

Contact: Louise Kanjee 0466 525404 or Julie on 49342984



Love your Body, Love yourself Workshop

Do you struggle with your weight or body image? Do you think of yourself as beautiful?

I want to share my personal experience here. I had a history of dieting; since my early teens I was counting calories and always thought I was fat (even when I wasn’t). Each time I lost weight I would invariably put it back on and then with some extra! Then in 2011 I was studying Reiki and things were starting to change. I started to realise that my weight wasn’t about what I was putting in my mouth; it was about what I was putting in my mind.

Around that time I was on a retreat and I said out loud in a group – “I think I am ugly”. There – i had said it – and it was as if by verbalising that belief I suddenly realised I could change it. I was surrounded and supported by an energy (reiki) and people (other reiki practitioners) who thought I was beautiful. And who am I to disagree!? As soon as I started to believe that I am and was and always will be beautiful I was able to stick to eating what I knew I deserved. Good, nourishing, healthy food that sustained and supported my soul and body. I didnt need someone else to tell me what was good for me, deep in my heart I knew.

Over the following six months or so I shed about 15 kilos, with another five or so leaving me in the following year, until I am now at a healthy weight for my size. I no longer need to eat to fill that space in me that feels empty and ugly.

So in this workshop I will be guiding you to that place where you can say “I am beautiful” and meet that beautiful you.

Join me! More details are in the flyer below. You can book online here, or in person at Love N’ Light East Maitland.

Or call me for more details on 0466 525404.


Children’s Meditation Class

Picture2Get your children into good habits at an early age! My meditation for children workshops will be fun and creative and encourage kids to spend more time being relaxed and quiet. Meditation is good for children’s self esteem, helps them to sleep better, relate more easily with friends and siblings and also have more positive creative energy.

There are two dates planned for March and April and I intend to make it a monthly activity.

I hope you can join us!children meditation flyer

Retreat – only 3 weeks left

There are only 3 weeks remaining until the upcoming retreat –  if you have never been on a retreat and are wondering why you should read my blog post about the benefits of going on a retreat.

Feb 21- 23:  Journey to the Heart – a meditation retreat for women.

heart mandala1Book now to avoid disappointment! Take some time out to catch your breath, be with yourself and the company of some amazing women and touch more deeply into who you truly are.

Cost only $395, includes all workshops, meditations, accommodation and yummy vegetarian food.

Join us – a circle of women connecting to our inner selves and to each other.

To book and find out more contact me on 0466525404, or click here


The Benefits of Going on a Retreat

So maybe you have been thinking about learning to meditate or maybe you have been meditating for a while.. Why would you consider a weekend retreat?

meditation mountainRetreats offer the opportunity to go deeper in your meditation as there are less time restraints and interruptions. Taking a weekend out from everyday life takes you away from the distractions that may nag at you when you are meditating at home. Being with a group of people also intensifies the atmosphere and helps you to move forward faster in your spiritual practice – plus we all learn from each other and it helps us to see different things about ourselves when we are away in a group of like-minded people.

It is also important in my experience to give myself that time for myself – so often our weekends can be full of doing things for other people, or catching up on chores and work. A weekend on a retreat recharges your batteries so that you have more energy for the everyday things in life.

A retreat can also give you tools to cope with stress, anxiety and the demands of busy 21st century life. Taking some time away from the computer, tv and mobile phones gives your mind some space to breathe, calm down and therefore become more focused.

How A Retreat May Benefit You:

1. Rediscover “you” and connect with your spirit

2. Reduce stress

3. Allow your body, mind and spirit time to heal & rejuvenate

4. Increase creativity, energy

5. Learn tools and strategies to make the changes you desire

6. Create more positive feelings and joy into your life

7. Release and heal old stuff

8. Learn to trust and use your intuition

So make that commitment to yourself and schedule yourself a weekend away on a retreat – meet new people, learn some new techniques, deepen your relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU.

I have just a few spaces left on my next retreat: Journey to the heart – a meditation retreat for women being held in February.

 To book contact me on 0466 525404 or fill out my contact form for more details.

Further retreats will be held in the future so sign up to my newsletter on the Home page.


Crystals as meditation and healing tools

crystalsI often use crystals in my meditation classes, reiki treatments and even as homeopathic remedies so I thought it was time to write a bit about why and how I use them.

I see Crystals as more than just rocks that are pretty and decorative but as unique pieces of Mother Earth that each contain their own healing energy that they are just waiting to share with us. It is as if each one has a gift that they are just waiting to share with us.

Crystals are composed of mineral compounds – many of which are similar or the same as homeopathic remedies. For example: Fluorite is the compound Calc-Fluor – which is both a tissue salt and a homeopathic remedy used for bone and tissue health (amongst other things). The crystal has similar properties as well as a wider range of properties when used as a spiritual healing tool – it is also a crystal that is often attributed to helping to heal or balance various chakras (energy centres in the body) dependent on the colour – for example the dark blue colour can be used to increase intuitive abilities and has an affinity with the Third Eye chakra, while Green Fluorite has an affinity with the heart chakra. Follow this link for more detail or get yourself a good crystal healing reference book such as Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gienger or  The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.

crystal healingAs a reiki or meditation tool

Crystals make good meditation or healing treatment tools by holding them or placing them on the body. I find that their energy field can help to calm or balance the body and mind. Some crystals such as Black tourmaline can also be used to absorb negative or draining energies when held in the hands. Some people find they are attracted to particular crystals to wear or use in meditation and often that is because they need the healing energy or properties contained in the crystal.

As Homeopathic Remedies

Peter Tumminello, a Sydney Homeopath has developed a number of homeopathic remedies that are made from crystals and gems and has written about them in his volume “Twelve Jewels”. He is working on expanding the literature on homeopathic remedies made from crystals. Having trained with him I also use these remedies regularly in my practice and find them invaluable additions to the homeopathic repertoire of remedies.

For more information please contact me on 0466 525404, or email me at

Choose a natural approach in 2014

5 ways to choose a natural approach to your health in 2014

fruit veg

Imagine a world where we all ate only foods we grew, raised or made ourselves – that were fresh and in season. Imagine that we spent most of our time active and outdoors, that we related openly and happily at all times with our friends, neighbours and community. That we had time to relax, time to work, time to play? Sound like your holidays or a dream?!

How would our physical health be though if we lived free from processed and convenience foods, that we looked after ourselves out of a natural habit instead of it being an effort?

In reality in the 21st century we have become slaves to time and to doing instead of being.

Most of our food is less than fresh – even fruit and veggies from the supermarket have been in transit or storage for a long time.We spend more time indoors than outside… and spend more time reading blogs and facebook than out in the garden tending to a veggie patch!

A natural approach to your health and therefore your life doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming or even expensive. Most times it is simply a matter of a change in priorities.

So here are 5 suggestions for simple things you can do in 2014 to have a more natural approach to your life.

1) Go for a walk every day for 20-30 mins. Research has shown that ealking can improve many aspects of health, including mood, depression, headaches, heart health – the list could go on. Walking with a friend is even better!  Check this article out for more ideas.

2) Spend 10 mins twice a day, morning on evening on a meditation or relaxation practice. Start with something simple like observing your breath, a guided meditation or progressively relaxing each muscle in your body. Or join me at one of my classes to learn more techniques and improve those you have. Meditation has so many amazing effects on your health as stated here.

3) Try out a new food you have never tried before – something from the fruit and veggie isle or the health food shop – have you ever used coconut oil, cacao, goji berries, dragon fruit, tahini or salad sprouts?? There is so much variety these days so try something new! Substitute a new herbal tea for a cup of coffee or try a new salad instead of a sandwich at lunchtime. The possibilities are endless!

4) Start a herb or veggie patch in your garden or on your balcony/patio. Most hardware stores and even supermarkets sell seedlings these days so just start with one or two and see how much happiness can be gained from growing your own. Caution – growing your own can become addictive!!

meditation5) Put aside an hour a week just for you – use it to do something you haven’t done before or don’t do often – go for a massage, learn a language or a musical instrument, have a long bath… whatever you want to do – do it now! Put that hour in your diary so that you don’t forget – and make it a priority!

The key to better health is prevention. Don’t wait until you get sick to do the above or to see your Natural Health Practitioner. The likelihood is that at this time of year with the holidays and having some time off work is that you are feeling great! Maintain that when life gets crazy again by implementing the above – and make an appointment to see your Practitioner, taking regular homeopathic medicines or going to a weekly meditation class can help support your health so that you get sick less often, stay happier. Then even if and when you do get sick it affects you less because you have been looking after yourself!


Journey to the Heart – a meditation retreat for women.

I am proud to announce my next retreat in Feb 2014.

Journey to the Heart, a meditation retreat for women.

Early bid cost before Jan 1 $365, after Jan 1 $395. Accommodation and food included.

Venue: Kookaburra Cottage farmstay, Bobs Farm.

It will be a weekend of meeting in Circle as women and exploring our inner Hearts, learning to love ourselves, listen to our Intuitive Hearts and to deepen our meditation experiences.

Places are filling fast so contact me to book soon. $100 deposit required to confirm your place.

retreat feb14 flyer